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Welcome to the Becoming Bridge Builder Blog

My name is Keith Haney. The writer and architect of this blog journey. Candidly I am a pastor, but you will find no judgment, only encouragement at this site. I am not sure how you stumbled upon this blog. Maybe you were seeking ways to help your congregation better reach its neighborhood. Or you were looking to grow as a leader.

About the author

Fort Dodge, Iowa. Rev. B. Keith Haney, Assistant to the President for Missions, Human Care, and Stewardship, An ordained pastor for 2 years. Serving multi-ethnic urban congregations Berea, Detroit, MI, Director of Outreach and Evangelism, St. Louis for four congregations in the L.U.T.H.E.R. Plan, Senior Pastor at Gospel Lutheran in Milwaukee and Mission Facilitator, Northern Illinois District LCMS until September of 2019. 

In January 2016, I started to write a blog to encourage believers in their faith journey and non-believers to explore difficult faith issues.  The blog has over 6,00 faithful followers, over 1,500 of those are Millennials.

I have published a Bible study for faith-based organizations and individuals who want a practical approach to dealing with the racial divides in America. The Concordial Publishing House study is entitled: “One Nation Under God-Healing Racial Divides.” You can purchase the study by clicking on this link.

The Bible Study, published in 2015 by Concordia Publishing House, entitled “Healing One Nation Under God: Healing Racial Divides.” Will challenge your conventional ideas about race while providing Biblical solutions to a complex issue.

Overview of the Material

Amid divisive rhetoric, violence, riots, and racial tensions, confusion arises—how can Christians tear down the racial walls dividing our country?

This division stems from a lack of communication, empathy, and understanding. Author Rev. B. Keith Haney, an African American LCMS pastor, encourages everyone to seek answers to racial tensions in the only place where truth and peace can be found—God’s Word. Healing must begin with Jesus.

In this downloadable six-session study, you’ll openly communicate and begin the healing process. Healing takes time and effort and can only be accomplished as God changes our sinful human hearts.

Let’s be a nation united—united under God.

The Podcast Connection:

In August of 2020, I started a podcast “Becoming Bridge Builders” to provide an ongoing dialogue about race. You can find that podcast on all the major platforms. The link below leads you to the Apple podcast where you can subscribe

About six months later I added an additional podcast playing on my strength as an interviewer. From Mess to Miracle is a podcast that highlights how God is working in the lives of others. That one is also on all the major platforms and you can subscribe to the Apple version below.

My role in Iowa District West is to assist congregations with strategic planning, visioning, outreach to the community, cultivate a culture of generosity, and foster a climate of human care that connects faith to crisis situations. He is married to Miriam (Bickel) Haney and they have six children, Mitchell, Todd, Sharon, Jonathan, SaraGrace, and Zane. And we are blessed to have two grandchildren Matheo and Nalah Rose.

About this Journey

It’s conceivable the system and culture are crushing you, and you need consolation. If inspiration is what you are pursuing you will find it here, if you want to grow as a leader, I will challenge you to do that. If you want your church to just improve and add people in the pew, this blog may not be suitable for you. Currently I am working on a doctorate in Education with a focus on Organizational change. Over the course of my completion of this important work I will share what I am learning on the journey.

The Challenges of a Post-Christian World.

The world is changing and our old ways of connecting aren’t working. This blog will test your traditional views of church and ministry, it may stretch you beyond your comfort zone. So, if you read, follow and share its contents with your leadership I hold no personal responsibility for the metamorphosis you may experience or the stress and transformation you may thrust upon your leadership.

We Tackle the Sensitive issues from a Grace Perspective

This is a journey we will travel together. I am no expert but I believe we can learn from each other. I hope you will contribute to the discussion. Give feedback and invite others to join the conversation. This content space is a safe space for conversation.

Subscribe and Share

Read, listen to the podcast, inwardly digest at your own risk. It is all based on the Word of God so blame the spirit for any transformation.

This content was created to share. Every day is a share-a-thon. Share away. We can help shape the future of the church and impact our world together.

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