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Kingdom Impact Opportunities

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Public Speaking Engagements

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics related to critical race theory, healing racial divides, and the difference between community, diversity, inclusion, and equity. My experience and knowledge on these topics makes me a great resource for any organization looking to create a more inclusive and equitable space. I have spoken to a wide variety of audiences, from high school students to corporate executives, and am passionate about making sure everyone has the opportunity to learn the importance of these topics.

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Ideation essentially deals with to the whole visionary process of developing and communicating new ideas. Ideation is innovative thinking, generally aimed at dealing with an obstacle or providing a more productive processes of producing or accomplishing something. It involves thinking up new theories, developing existing ideas, and figuring out means or methods for putting new ideas into practice. If this is something that interests your organization let’s talk.

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Organizational Change

My doctoral work is on organizational change. This tension between a post-Christian society and an already shrinking church population creates a sense of urgency to have a deeper discussion of how we begin to assist churches to move from languishing to thriving in a new post-pandemic digitalized world utilizing Kotter’s organizational change model.

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Schedule an Appearance

If you or your group would like to schedule me for a speaking engagement, please leave your contact information below. Any donations while I am with Iowa District West goes to support our local mission congregations.

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