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Mayor Corey Woods on Cultivating a Compassionate City Leadership

In this enlightening podcast episode, we sat down with Mayor Corey Woods of Tempe, Arizona, for an enriching discussion on compassionate leadership. As a champion for marginalized communities and an advocate for affordable housing, Mayor Woods shares invaluable insights into his journey in public service.

Mayor Woods' leadership style is grounded in kindness and respect. Inspired by advice from his father to treat people as he would want to be treated himself, his approach emphasizes understanding and collaborative policy-making. He highlights the importance of not assuming evil intent when disagreements arise - a value needed more than ever in today's divided political landscape.

An essential thread throughout our conversation was the issue of affordable housing – a challenge that fuels Mayor Woods' commitment to community development. His vision for Tempe focuses on balancing economic development and community needs. He underscores the importance of increasing affordable housing stock as part of tackling homelessness – particularly among senior citizens living on fixed incomes who are struggling due to rising costs.

Creating opportunities for marginalized communities is another area near Mayor Woods' heart. He touches upon the initiatives he and his team took to foster generational wealth through small business grants and support. By providing startup money and helping businesses access PPP loans during the pandemic, such efforts aim at creating generational wealth and providing resources that these underserved groups may not have had access to otherwise.

Another pivotal topic discussed was youth involvement in public service. Sharing his experience of getting involved in community work at 26 years old, Mayor Woods encourages young people to participate actively – either by running for office or joining non-profit organizations or city-sanctioned boards.

Direct communication with residents is also crucial, according to Mayor Woods, who believes leaders must personally respond to their constituents' needs. By maintaining open communication channels, leaders can better understand their citizens' concerns, which aids proactive policy-making.

Mayor Corey Woods' story is inspiring because of what he has achieved and demonstrates how one person's commitment can ripple outwards, creating positive change across an entire community. His message serves as a potent reminder that each one of us has the potential to make a difference. Through compassion, integrity, and collaboration, we too can contribute meaningfully towards building better societies.

Through this engaging exploration into the world of compassionate city leadership, you'll undoubtedly be stirred into thinking differently about public service - perhaps even igniting your passion for it.

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