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Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication with Ashton Rodenhiser

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ashton Rodenhiser, a remarkable illustrator and visual communicator. Ashton has a unique ability to simplify complex concepts using visual thinking, making meetings more engaging and productive. Throughout our conversation, she shared insights on her entrepreneurial journey, the power of visual communication, and how it can transform teams' organization and communication dynamics.

Ashton’s journey as an entrepreneur was anything but linear. Initially, she fell in love with the facilitation process, which involved breaking down complex concepts and ideas into easily understandable visual language. This discovery led her to found her own business, bringing over 2500 conversations to life through visual communication. This journey required her to overcome various challenges, including the emotional toll of rejection. She learned that rejection often has nothing to do with one's capabilities but more with external factors such as budget constraints.

The episode also explored the fascinating concept of live illustration. This technique involves the combination of words and drawings to enhance key ideas and messages in real time during conferences, meetings, and strategic planning sessions. According to Ashton, live illustration can improve organization and communication within teams, serving as an effective marketing tool and accountability tool post-event.

Sketchnoting, a method of note-taking that makes notes more visually appealing, was another key topic discussed in the episode. Ashton believes that sketch noting can improve learning and memory retention, encourage interaction and transparency within an organization, and hold people accountable. Doodling, often seen as a distraction, can aid memory retention and enhance personal note-taking and communication when done with purpose.

Addressing the common belief that some people are not creative, Ashton highlighted that this mindset often stems from societal expectations or negative comments. She encourages listeners to challenge this notion and embrace their creativity. She believes that being creative does not necessarily mean having an artistic inclination. It could manifest in various forms such as being a good storyteller, making people laugh, or playing an instrument.

As the episode drew close, Ashton shared her personal transformation journey. She emphasized the importance of having an abundance mindset and being open to others creating their businesses. When asked about her legacy, Ashton expressed her desire to be remembered as a kind and loving person who cared about her community and family.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to harness the power of visual communication, infuse more creativity into their life, and change their perspectives on creativity. So, prepare to see the world through a more creative lens with Ashton Rodenhiser.

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